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Our Philosophy

The core philosophy of Transpek-Silox Industry Private Limited enshrines fair business practices, a high level of corporate governance, nurturing of human capital and fulfillment of its social responsibility while simultaneously creating value for its stakeholders.

This core philosophy is the bedrock under every facet of its business operations.

Our Vision

To attain global reputation and customer trust through exemplary excellence in all interactions with our stakeholders on the basis of mutuality and responsibility.

Human values and social accountability would be paramount in all our activities. Ethical practices shall be the means to meet our noble ends.

Our Mission

We shall be a value-based enterprise with human excellence and innovation in all our products, services and processes creating value and wealth to serve all the stakeholders, society and country.

We shall ensure best environment, health and safety practices with continual improvement.

We shall uphold the dignity of human beings, nurture team spirit and foster inspiring leadership through trust, empowerment and responsible care.

We, the members of Transpek-Silox commit ourselves to this noble mission. We seek divine grace and blessings.