Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

Transpek-Silox is a responsible corporate citizen. The company engages in good practices for conservation of environment, promotion of health, and ensuring safety. These concerns are embedded in every team member across the organization. Operationally, it is expressed in a comprehensive and integrated safety management system, effluent treatment facilities, and occupational health hazard prevention system.

Transpek-Silox, having created and maintained a green belt surrounding all its manufacturing facilities, joins the world in pooling its resources to conserve nature. As a chemical manufacturer, the company is fully aware of chemical hazards to humans and the environment, and has taken sufficient preventive measures at every stage of its business operations.

EHS measures at Transpek-Siloxentail:

  • Standardization of manufacturing, storage, handling, and distribution processes for all kinds of chemicalsand compliance to EHS regulations & requirements
  • Institution of a dedicated and adequately-profiled EHS Team that co-ordinates and monitors adherence to Transpek-Silox’s EHS policies
  • Certification and compliance with ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards at all manufacturing facilities
  • Engaging in the recycling of treated effluents